Who We Are.

We are a small team, based in the UK, who have been working together since 2016.

We formed REKiNDLED at the start of 2022 with the aim of making a studio that's friendly, fun and gets the job done (pardon the rhyming). We love what we do and are keen to share that passion and enable others.

What We Do.

We currently offer our skills and know-how to other studios looking for a little (or a lot) of help on the animation side of things. We have experience in :

Hand Keyed Animation · First Person (View Model) Animation · Mocap 

Rigging · Maya Scripting · Retargetting · UE5 · CryEngine · MetaHuman 

Current Clients

The Team


Co-founder / Senior Animator

First person animation enthusiast with a passion for Souls-like games. Runs almost exclusively on pizza and Coke Zero.


Co-founder / Senior TA

A gentle (albeit sassy) soul. Support-main in basically any game. Spends far too much time thinking about D&D.



A master at halo and a third person animation powerhouse. #ShrimpleAsThat


Senior Tech Animator

An overly-enthusiastic TA, often found eating with his hands and climbing, swinging & jumping on things he shouldn't.



Master of the adorable and dealer in cat pics.


Senior Character Artist

One man army!